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About Joseph Lizana

Joe LizanaJoseph Lizana is a licensed massage therapist in the state of North Carolina (LMBT 3213), and is a National Board Certified therapist for both massage and bodywork.

Joseph started his journey to being a holistic health practitioner over 25 years ago. In a single thought, he wanted to change his mindset about his own health! It has become a journey for him that is never-ending and exciting to be a part of. The first steps were simple: to be healthy and calm, eat well, meditate, exercise and become balanced. Techniques he has learned through the years have helped him be able to change his self-destructive path to one that is challenging and enjoyable. After years of self-improvement, he made a decision it was time to work with others. He decided that learning energy work was a great way to start!

He studied the energy technique known as Reiki and after several years of study became a Reiki Master. He still uses this technique in his business today.

His interest peaked by the healing he was able to provide to others. He started searching for his passion. He found that through an introductory massage class and the massage adventure had begun!

After completing studies at his first massage school, which introduced him to five of the modalities that he still uses to this day, Joe wanted to learn more. In 2001 he went to a second massage school to learn deeper work. There he learned Russian medical the V-method and two other modalities while working at a local day spa, where he worked at for over five years and had the highest retention in the massage department. During his time at the spa, he learned treatments and techniques that provide healing to the individual client to help them relax.

Through his hard work, he soon was managing the massage department and seeing the politics of the corporate world. He decided to start his own private practice, calling it “Guided Touch Therapies.”

During this time, he started learning the Trager Approach, a movement based therapy. It became a wonderfully moving experience! He would recommend it to any type of therapist who desires personal growth. Trager has become one of his favorite modalities to perform with his clients. Trager will help bring you freedom from old patterns that need to be released. He has learned many other modalities since completing Trager; some he uses, others were a life lesson.

So in the 25 years this journey has been going on, he cherishes his connections with his clients the most. Some have been with him since he started, others find healing with Joe’s touch and move on. He blesses all of them the same. It is an honor to have spent time with them.

Joseph considers the client’s session a partnership in well-being. You both work as a team to get the greatest benefit from your session together. You will take a few minutes to discuss your objectives for the session and any specific body issues that you would like to have addressed, and then Joseph focuses all his skills to obtain the maximum therapeutic effect!

Our Mission

Guided Touch Therapies aims to provide comfort and relief to our clients by identifying their needs, specific areas requiring care, and delivering the appropriate therapy that will lead to an enhanced lifestyle. Follow up services will be provided as needed to ensure ongoing wellness.

Understanding Therapy

By applying the correct amount of pressure and skillful manipulation, patterns of tension can be released and overworked muscles relaxed and strengthened. Painful areas will receive a targeted approach in order to provide relief. We will gather information from you about the pain or tension that you are experiencing and craft a therapy tailored to your specific needs.

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