Guided Touch Therapies

Invigorate your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Available Techniques

  • Therapeutic Massage - a combination of different types of massage techniques to give you a general feeling of relaxation and renewal
  • Lymphatic Massage - a rhythmic technique designed to improve lymph flow for those who have a sluggish lymphatic system.
  • Russian Medical Massage - a deep technique designed to relieve system or muscle tension with the use of heavy compression and targeting trigger points.
  • Sports Massage - a combination of long smoothing compression strokes combined with movement to combat soreness after competition and to prepare for it (slightly different techniques).
  • Deep Tissue Massage - designed for your specific concerns, Deep Tissue Massage does not have to hurt. We tailor the technique to your needs, using more pressure on the surrounding area of your concern with slight stretching of fascia - bringing relief.
  • Bindegewebsmassage - connective tissue work focusing on the superficial fascia, helps stimulate the correction of imbalances in systems of the body.
  • Reflexology - the manipulation of reflex points in the feet or hands that can relieve issues that correlate the part of the body that zone represent. This stimulates the body’s energy flow to help you maintain balance in your physical function. Your feet will thank you and great if you are stressed with work or life!
  • Trager® - a way of freeing up your body with fluid rocking movements creating lightness with a sense of peace to allow a gentle stretch, reminding you to feel more pleasure through movement, remembering the freedom of just being. Trager® is a pleasurable gentle and effective way for mind-body integration. The effects are deep and long lasting! When performed correctly, Trager® will reduce muscular tension, affect the nervous system through stimulation, and enhance tissue healing.
  • Mentastics® - a self-care part of Trager® allowing you to recreate the table work at home, work, or on the go with ease.
  • Hypnotherapy - a natural state of mind a way of gently releasing old patterns or habits that you no longer want or need such as over eating, smoking, stress reduction, phobias, etc. after a session client tend to feel more at ease and peaceful.
  • Reiki - a Tibetan healing art wherein life energy is channeled to your body with very subtle hand pressure from the therapist, to strengthen your energy system and promote natural healing.
  • Dynamic Energy Balancing - a way of balancing the systems of the body through feeling for and clearing any blockages in the meridians inferring with the body’s chi flow.
  • Stone Massage - a technique using heated, smooth stones to gently remove stress from your body by placing the stones on your body or using them to manipulate muscle tissue.
  • Connective Tissue Massage techniques - designed to specifically affect the connective tissue of the body. When performed, it stimulates the superficial fascia.
  • Aromatherapy - the use of essential oils in body treatments. Helps in relaxation, improves circulation, and helps with sore muscles. With the correct balance of essential oils, many people find that they enjoy a deeper, uninterrupted, and more relaxed sleep.
  • Other techniques available are Swedish Massage, Myofascial Massage, Cupping, and Lomi-Lomi.

Our Mission

Guided Touch Therapies aims to provide comfort and relief to our clients by identifying their needs, specific areas requiring care, and delivering the appropriate therapy that will lead to an enhanced lifestyle. Follow up services will be provided as needed to ensure ongoing wellness.

Understanding Therapy

By applying the correct amount of pressure and skillful manipulation, patterns of tension can be released and overworked muscles relaxed and strengthened. Painful areas will receive a targeted approach in order to provide relief. We will gather information from you about the pain or tension that you are experiencing and craft a therapy tailored to your specific needs.

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