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Client Comments about Guided Touch Therapies

I am an avid golfer with spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease in both my back and neck; conditions that do not promote good golf play. I see my Chiropractor every three weeks for preventive maintenance and started to see Joe several years ago after 3 months of PT on my neck provided only marginal results. I decided that I would receive massage therapy every 2 weeks whether I needed it or not for preventive maintenance. Wow! With the regular Chiropractor visits and Joe’s help, I can lead an active, pain-free lifestyle. If I strain myself on the golf course, Joe is able to get me going again in a jiffy. I am a strong proponent of preventive therapy. Thanks Joe for keeping me active!

Doug Sebastianelli - Raleigh NC

Thank you so much Joe! The difference in pain and energy levels are remarkable, and all without a wince or a twitch. Truly remarkable!

Nancy D – Raleigh NC

I have been seeing Joseph Lizana for massage therapy for nearly two years. Joe is extremely professional, personable, and talented. He has taken the time to get to know me on a personal level and his interest and dedication to my well-being is genuine. Because of his extensive repertoire of treatment techniques and training, he is able to use different forms of massage to bring relief to my areas of pain and discomfort. If one method doesn’t bring significant improvement, he suggests trying another. He takes care to adjust the level of stimulation to suit my pain tolerance at the time. Joe’s treatment area is an oasis of peace and calm, a reflection of his joyful and healing presence. I leave his office refreshed, relaxed, and feeling nourished in body and spirit. Whether you are looking for therapeutic massage to relieve pain, or just want to relax and rejuvenate, you are in for a delightful experience in Joe’s hands.

Kathy Boyd – Raleigh NC

Joe Lizana is a gifted therapist who takes the time to understand both my physical and mental state before recommending and administering a therapy session. Joe is skilled in many different techniques which enables him to optimize a treatment plan that is best for what I need at that particular time. Joe is a caring person who is genuinely concerned with my overall well-being, which is one of the many reasons I have been a client of Joe’s for so many years. After a session with Joe, I feel relaxed, calm, refreshed and rejuvenated. Whether you are looking for a “traditional massage” or you are open to less conventional techniques to relieve your stress or pain, I highly recommend Joe Lizana because he is truly an exceptional therapist and caring human being.

Russell G. - Raleigh NC

Massage is an essential component of my total healthcare plan. I have worked with many therapists, but none are as uniquely gifted as Joseph Lizana. He is thoroughly professional and well trained in a variety of bodywork modalities. Moreover, he is supremely intuitive and exquisitely sensitive to the needs of his clients – body, mind and spirit. A healing session with Joseph is truly a blessing!

Annemarie E. - Raleigh NC

I have been going to Guided Touch Therapies for several years. Joseph Lizana is excellent at what he does. He has always taken the time to make sure that I have the best experience possible. He is very good at finding all tight muscles and making sure to work on them to get them more relaxed. He also takes the time to find different ways to help strengthen the body to alleviate stress. I am a runner, and he has done a great job of working on my hamstrings, IT band, upper & lower parts of my legs, and my feet to ensure maximum results during and after my long runs. He also takes the time to do breathing exercises with me to help me with longer runs. His focus on my arms & shoulders are very helpful too! It’s always a bonus when you find someone like Joseph that is so personal & cares for how you are feeling & how he can help you to get rid of stress & muscle aches. I highly recommend Guided Touch Therapies. The rates are very competitive, and it is well worth the experience!

Joshua K. - Raleigh NC

Joe is the best Massage Therapist in my opinion, Very professional and considerate. Best Massage ever!!

Larry Fellers - Raleigh NC

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Our Mission

Guided Touch Therapies aims to provide comfort and relief to our clients by identifying their needs, specific areas requiring care, and delivering the appropriate therapy that will lead to an enhanced lifestyle. Follow up services will be provided as needed to ensure ongoing wellness.

Understanding Therapy

By applying the correct amount of pressure and skillful manipulation, patterns of tension can be released and overworked muscles relaxed and strengthened. Painful areas will receive a targeted approach in order to provide relief. We will gather information from you about the pain or tension that you are experiencing and craft a therapy tailored to your specific needs.

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